Yoga Session

So you've received a gift voucher to attend sessions with me, I'm so pleased you are here.

Take an hour out for you, switch your phone to silent mode, hang your "ssshh it's yoga time" banner on your door & give yourself this time to create a bit of space so you can re-connect again back to you again.

If you have not practiced with me before you will see that my classes are very grounded. there is happiness and joy in yoga. If people are too serious it creates tension. let’s avoid tension. We leave any notion of comparison behind & accept our bodies in each moment as we tune in & listen & move into where things feel goooood . 

We will focus on the postures (asanas), the breath (pranayama) & gentle meditation. There are many modifications and alternatives of postures so you will never feel excluded, you will work with your body and it’s limitations. 

Come home to you with a renewed sense of vitality, freedom of movement throughout your entire body and a state of bliss and happiness.

Below are the list of my current sessions - which are all live & on-line.

Please note that the Monday & Saturday sessions are a little more energetic & based around sun salutations & vinyasa. All other sessions are Hatha based.

You are most welcome to get in touch if you wish to talk through any past/present injuries or anything you feel I should be aware of.

Class Timetable

Monday 9.30-10.30am

Tuesday 7-8pm

Wednesday 6-7pm

Thursday 7-8pm

Friday 9.30-10.30am

Saturday 9-10am

Complete the form below and let me know which class you would like to join