About Us

The name…

 Kula – sanskrit term for a tribe/group/community of like-minded people with shared values

Karma - sanskrit term for action – all actions create karma – the intention behind the action affects the karma 

I love to buy small gifts for my friends & also for myself (sometimes I would say it was a gift so I could unwrap it at home).

I love to treat friends to a pretty bunch of handpicked flowers or perhaps a skincare product or a bath oil, or a heavenly candle that I've tried & I know they'll just love. Sometimes you just want to let someone know you're thinking of them. What I love even more is that there doesn’t have to be an occasion just kindness.

I used to have this strange logic that I had to wait for my birthday buy myself something, just like I used to think I had to save certain outfits for special occasions…not anymore. Wear the amazing dress. put your favourite earrings or necklace on, buy yourself the flowers.

 The inspiration for the KulaKarma box came when I was searching for a gift for a friend. Just a little box of nice things hidden inside delicate tissue paper ready to be unwrapped & enjoyed. I wanted something that resonated with our lifestyle & needs. KulaKarma encapsulates a more holistic lifestyle by combining yoga & meditation with cruelty free & ethical gifts.

I've worked hard to source small independent makers & creators so you can be certain that each item is made with love. You'll find synthetic & cruelty free  products from sustainable sources as we all try & move towards a more environmentally aware lifestyle.

 The beauty of the KulaKarma box is that I've done all of the hard work for you. You will discover beautiful finds & treasures that are handpicked from small businesses from all over the UK.

Beautifully wrapped gift boxes that reflect the changes in each season.

Each box will feel like a decadent gift arriving at your door just waiting to be discovered for you or for the friends & family you cherish.

Gifts that feel personal, that when someone unwraps the tissue, they feel like every gift has been carefully chosen just for them.

 This is why I created the KulaKarmabox.