My One True Love...My Eye Pillow

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I have used eye pillows now for many years…for me, they are as important to me as my cups of tea!!

Knowing what a profound effect they have had on my ability to deeply relax, it prompted me to include one in the current KulaKarmaBox.

As a someone that depends on either glasses or contact lenses, I find that a weighted eye pillow instantly sooths my eyes & I can feel the muscles easing back into their sockets…the instant drop of light & stimulation is akin to slipping into a deep bath for my eyes.

Let’s talk naps…

When I go and take myself off for 5/10 minutes, I use my eye pillow & I find without it I will ruminate, I will open my eyes & notice a job or some clothes that need putting away, my lovely eye pillow literally shields me away from things I think I should be doing & allows me to just be.

And Shavasana… (the lying down bit at the end of your yoga session)

Shavasana is so important – it’s precious time for you to deeply rest & restore but is different than sleep (even though many of us do drift into a little sleep here) it calms the sympathetic nervous system (fight/flight/freeze) and it is about giving your body the time to absorb the movements, shapes & internal massage that yoga has given us & finding a state of balance & equilibrium within the body.

Using an eye pillow during this part of the yoga session may enable you to connect on a deeper…to you, the lack of visual stimulation removes potential distraction & allows you to settle completely.

 And finally…the Vagus Nerve

Known as the “wandering nerve” this long nerve reaches & stimulates the heart-rate, respiration & digestion system. Interestingly – the messages from the body (up to 80%) can inform the vagus nerve, meaning that we can influence its function & it’s ability to calm our parasympathetic nervous system taking us to the land of calm.

One of the benefits of the eye pillow is the gentle pressure it places on the eyes, & stimulates the vagus nerve. Add to this, beautiful slow breathing into the belly & we can enter a state of pure bliss.

So, if you don’t own an eye pillow yet…invest in one, you will love it.  

Here is a link to the kulakarmabox & this box is all about the eyes…



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