How I Use The Karma Calming Mist

Posted by Deborah Green on

Firstly, it stays with me & very often in my bag. If I put it in a cupboard, I may never see it again… (dramatic pause….)

I’ve got into a really lovely routine of using the spray in my car. Any “waiting” time that I used to spend scrolling on Social Media is now a perfect opportunity to meditate

So, I use the Calming Mist in my car (for example, while my daughter swims, I have to wait in the car for 30 mins due to covid restrictions).

Instead of scrolling (which makes my eyes sooo tired), I “mist” around myself, I set a timer & I enjoy a guided meditation.

If I’m meditating in public, I can zone out my surroundings far more with a guided meditation than a silent one, otherwise there are too many distractions for me.

I always light a candle & use the mist before I take a yoga class & I sit and simply breath & enjoy the stillness.

I’m finding the Calming Mist really helpful at night too. I have always struggled with drifting off to sleep but the aromatherapy oils in this spray are really soothing.

I spray my pillow (or a hanky/tissue) & then this also reminds me to connect to my breath, to feel it rise & fall & to allow it to settle & I seem to just drift….




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