3 Ways To Use Your Rose Quartz Crystal

Posted by Deborah Green on

Rose Quartz embodies the feminine energy…love. Rose Quartz is linked to the heart chakra as it is said to reflect compassion, love, healing & forgiveness.

Love is the most important energy in the universe. The more we can align with love the more at ease we feel & connected to our true self & to each other.

I have included a piece of Rose Quartz in the first KulaKarmaBox & there are many ways you can use your crystal  but here are just 3.

 I have a large piece of Rose Quartz at home & I love it but I wanted you guys to have a crystal that you can take with you.

Place it in your pocket & have it close so you can feel it so when you sense that you are feeling anxious in a situation then hold the stone, go to your belly & tune in. Tune in to your breathing & use your crystal as a beautiful reminder to re-connect.

 If you need to forgive someone or yourself– hold it in your left hand, sit with your breath in silence for a few minutes then turn to compassion as your guide as you begin to let go & forgive.

Try repeating the following words

“May they be truly happy & peaceful

 May there be love in their life

 May they love their life”

 And finally, as you rest in shavasana, place your crystal on your heart & tune into love, feel a deep love & gratitude for your heart that beats & the breath you take…allow yourself to feel anything you feel truly grateful for.


Thank you for reading


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