3 Ways to Help Your Life Flow with Ease & Grace (ps you do not need to download an app or buy anything)

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The following tips will cost you nothing & you may feel more empowered and... you only need yourself.


1.The most powerful alley that we have constantly by our side is our breath.

The breath is the bridge between the body and the mind & it can transform your energy instantly.

Simply being aware of your breath is one of the most life-changing habits you can adopt.

It draws your energy inwards so you feel grounded very quickly. You will withdraw from all of the external distractions and tune into the subtle senses.

In Yoga philosophy, this is the 5th Limb of yoga ,Pratyahara & is an essential step towards meditation , it is the practice of being able to tune inwards and react less to the external world.

In any stress-inducing situation, relax your belly & take 1 slow breath before you speak. This is your window of calm – you will respond rather than reacting.

My favourite breathing/pranayama is to lengthen the exhale & then simply notice the pause/gap before you inhale.


My next tip may be a little surprising or “out-there”.

  1. Pray.

Have a conversation with …. your God/guide/guardian angel/the universe.

Speak freely (or write) & begin to create a connection to something greater than yourself. Trust that there is support & guidance waiting for you. It can lift the weight from your shoulders & you could let go of the “plate spinning” & have faith.

You don’t have to do it all on your own. This is the game changer.

If you don’t start to feel any changes or see the synchronicities around you then at the very least you will have released your worries without any judgement, leaving you feeling lighter.

3.Lower your expectations.

So often our happiness can feel dependent on the lack of actions from others.

This does not mean you accept poor & low-vibe relationships, be shrewd, you know the difference.

But…imagine how free you would feel if you expected a bit less from people?

Did your friend not call you back? – in relation to your expected time-frame? Is there then a rabbit-hole of resentment & judgement that then follows ?

Your friend will call you, when it is right for them. Give without the expectation.

Compassion guides this & it offers you freedom from attaching your happiness to others actions.


Big love



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